Crusade, Inc., is a corporation of Catholic technologists and marketers on a mission from God to catechize, galvanize, and weaponize Catholics into active service of Christ’s Earthly Kingdom.



CrusadeGroup: Registry of advocates who are clergy and/or religious.CrusadeCast / crusade.fm: Podcast video interviews of those courageous priests who are regularly preaching Christ the King from their pulpits.CrusadeNetwork: Online lay petition to the hierarchy to preach Christ the King from the pulpit.CrusadeLive: Live online virtual seminars for common Catholics seeking to learn more about the Social Kingship of Our Lord.CrusadeUniversity: Videos, podcasts, and graphics which explain the theology of the Social Kingship of Christ.CrusadePublishing: Flyers, tracts, inserts, and other printed materials, to help pastors catechize their parishioners about Christ the King.CrusadeCloth: Catholic clothing for funding and promotion of the apostolate.crusade.dev: Web-development operations, IT, and systems administration in support of the apostolate.


PO Box 45
Analomink, PA, 18320

(855) 5-CRUSADE


Dr. Dean Clerico: Chairman
Founded in A.D. 2018.
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.